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Minor comments on Fringe, “Night of Desirable Objects”

Posted by Karl Withakay on September 25, 2009

OK, for a synopsis of this episode, head over to Scott’s review at Polite Dissent.

It was a better episode than the previous one, but again there was nothing major to Deconstruct like an electron microscope record player that reads embedded sound waves off of a glass pane, so it’s another post of minor comments.


Sheriff Golytely, are you serious with that name?  How did Scott miss that one?

I miss the “Fringe will return in xx seconds” messages, it took all the guesswork out of skipping commercials.

The giant periodic table on the wall tells us that room was a lab, because most labs have giant periodic tables on the wall, right?

It is nice to see a TV show or movie where scars and bruises actually persist from one episode to another.

Where did all the dirt go?  If you did a hole/tunnel as big as the ones the creature dug in this episode, you have to do something with all the dirt.  For example: there was a large hold dug through the bottom of the coffin through which the creature escaped, but there was no dirt in the coffin.  Dig a tunnel much bigger than a mole hole, and you won’t be able to just compress the dirt around the hole; you’ve got to excavate it and dispose of the dirt somewhere.

Watch the following films for examples of dirt disposal from tunneling:

The Great Escape

The McKenzie Break

Best line,  “We’re all victims of our own gene pool, someone must have peed in yours.”  -Walter Bishop to Sherriff Golytely

Which universe is the show set in where an FBI agent can negligently discharge her firearm in a civilian’s house and not at least face an automatic review process?

I need to write a post on my thoughts on parallel universes and how similar or different I think they could be to our own.  (Put simply, I think they’d either be identical or completely dissimilar, bearing no resemblance to ours to the level of different starts and galaxies forming or even totally different sets of physical laws and universal constants.

Momentum does not appear to be conserved between the universes.  That is to say, if Olivia’s body is imparted with momentum from a car crashing in to her vehicle in this universe,that momentum does not carry over when she is transported to the parallel universe (she didn’t fly into the parallel universe), but is contained in this universe, waiting for her return.  This creates some very interesting implications and conundrums for conservation of mass-energy between universes:  Momentum can not be exchanged between the universes, but mass-energy can…There’s an entire post there as well.


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