Cordial Deconstruction

Observations from our shared single objective reality in a materialistic, naturalistic, & effectively macro-deterministic universe.

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Good Points by Other Bloggers

Best of the Best

A very incendiary post on another blog

Skeptico posts:

Skeptico’s Five Apples Post

How do you prove photography to a blind person?

On Extraordinary Claims

Science Based Medicine Posts:

Harriet Hall on the acupuncture myth

Part I of Kimball Atwood’s post on acupuncture anesthesia

Part II of Kimball Atwood’s post on acupuncture anesthesia

Part III of Kimball Atwood’s post on acupuncture anesthesia

Part IV of Kimball Atwood’s post on acupuncture anesthesia

Ben Kavoussi on Astrology with needles

Mark Crislip on Boosting the Immune System


Homeopathy Awareness

How to Argue

PalMD of White Coat Underground:

A Crank is a Crank

A Photon in the Darkness:

Anatomy of a Study: A Dissection Guide (in two parts)

part 1

part 2

Five Easy Graphs (Is the Autism “Epidemic” real?)

Other Good Points:

Great YouTube Video About Open Mindedness

A decent deconstruction of Pascal’s Wager

Common medical myths

Isaac Asimov on the relativity of wrong

Science Based Pharmacy

Super Cold-Treatment Reference Spectacular!

Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy

In Which We Define What a Planet Is

Articles on the Evil of PowerPoint

PowerPoint and the Afghan War:  On the We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint

PowerPoint and the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident:  PowerPoint Does Rocket Science–and Better Techniques for Technical Reports

Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True (Not a blog according to Jerry)

Jerry’s Powerpoint presentation on Free Will delivered at the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop in 2012.

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