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Observations from our shared single objective reality in a materialistic, naturalistic, & effectively macro-deterministic universe.

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Space Posts

Stephen Hawking Series:

On Alien Invasion

Cordial Deconstruction of Stephen Hawking? (Am I So Bold?)

Follow-Up: Energy Requirements of Interstellar Travel

Reply to a Comment on Interstellar Travel

Final Follow-Up on the Probability of an Alien Invasion

No Reason to Fear Aliens (Again) (Not technically in the Hawking series, but a related post)

On The Need to Colonize Other Worlds

Where Does Stephen Hawking Think We Can Go?

On the Probability of Life On Other Planets:

Deconstruction of the Drake Equation

Astronomer (Probably) Has 99% Chance of Being Wrong

Other Sub-Topics

Wormholes, Portals, and Time-Space Travel

World marks 40th anniversary of NASA screwing it up for everybody else


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  2. […] Space Posts […]

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