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Minor Comments on a Ho-hum Episode of Fringe

Posted by Karl Withakay on September 18, 2009

A rather lackluster episode to start the season that was mostly exposition for the rest of the season rather than an attention grabber to reel you in.  It would have been ho-hum for regular episode;  it was disappointing for a season premier that’s supposed to set the pace for the season to follow.

Since my friend Scott already does the heavy lifting in writing a synopsis of the episode, why duplicate quality work?   Link to Scott’s Review of Fringe: A New Day In an Old Town

It didn’t contain much worth Deconstructing, and so I was doubly disappointed.


Did Walter undo the seat belt when he was examining the car, and if so, is he responsible for Olivia flying out of the car?  Would she have materialized inside the fastened seat belt and not crashed through the window?

I might need to re-watch the season finale from last season in order to make a possible comment about conservation of momentum between the multiverses and the car accident, but I don’t have it anymore.

Do FBI agents need search warrants anymore?  It sure looks like they just busted into that guy’s home without even announcing themselves.  What judge would grant a warrant on the evidence Jessup had anyway?

Is Astrid in some kind of disciplinary program in the FBI that she is relegated to coffee girl duty in the Fringe division?  How come the FBI forgot to reassign her when they shut down the Fringe division?  (I can forgive the continued occupation of Walter’s lab with the excuse that the rent is payed through the end of the month.)  This is a pathetically underused character in the show;  I’d be interested in seeing the writers make more use of her in at least one episode.

Why doesn’t anyone have any common sense anytime a doppelganger is involved, especially ones so easily detected by close physical examination?  ANYTIME AND EVERY TIME a doppleganger has been involved, and someone has been by themselves or away from the rest of the group, CHECK THEM OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

It’s interesting to note that the Fringe division of the FBI has direct congressional oversight.  I wonder how many other subdivisions of the FBI have such status?


One Response to “Minor Comments on a Ho-hum Episode of Fringe”

  1. I’m not sure about the seat belt, but her airbag had already inflated and deflated, so she would have taken a good whack to the frontal lobes (and counter-coup to the occipital) regardless.

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