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Fringe Deconstruction Link Page Added

Posted by Karl Withakay on January 7, 2010

One last week without Fringe before it starts up again.  In honor of the impending return of Fringe, at the advice of my friend Scott, I have created a topic parking page with direct links to all my Fringe Deconstructions.

You may notice a superficial similarity between my Fringe parking page and Scott’s, I swear that has nothing to do with me cutting and pasting the text from his page and changing the links.  🙂

My Fringe page can be accessed from a button in the button bar under the site banner at the top of the page.  You can of course bookmark it directly if you like, but I’d hope that when you visit this site you start at the main page and have opportunity to check out the occasional non-Fringe related posts I put up from time to time.


One Response to “Fringe Deconstruction Link Page Added”

  1. Dean said

    Love the iPhone/mobile theme! Nice.


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