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Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 14, Season 2, Jacksonville

Posted by Karl Withakay on February 4, 2010

As usual, an episode synopsis can be found over at Scott’s Polite Dissent.

When You Have All the Time in the World, You Rarely Need It.

It’s a pretty light Deconstruction tonight, which is annoying.  I’m taking tomorrow off from work, and could stay up as late as I want, and this is the earliest I’ve ever finished writing a Fringe Deconstruction.  It’s not even 10PM (Central Time) yet, although the fact that I watched the show in real time also had some influence in my finishing before 10.

There’s No Woo Like Quantum Woo

Describing a “Quantum Tectonic Event”-


“Imagine a sudden momentary disturbance at a subatomic level.  The energy disperses the atoms, literally tearing the very fabric of reality itself.”


“Meaning that all the atoms come apart, but when they reassemble, they come together all wrong.”

It’s got the word quantum in it, so it must be science, right?

It sounds like Walter and Peter are describing a spontaneous transporter incident to and from the same location without the Heisenberg compensators to keep things from going badly awry.

Riding In Style

Does the FBI really use Lincoln Navigators?  I guess the Fringe division is not getting its budget trimmed or frozen.  A few Lincoln Navigators here and there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Mass-Energy Deferred?

So the sum total of mass-energy in each of the two universes must be conserved, but just like momentum, that conservation can be deferred.

I Wonder What the Significance of Those Numbers Could Be?

5-20-10 (5,20,10 or 5 20 10 to help the search engine searches)


“Five, Twenty, Ten.  I always use the same combination, but I can’t remember the significance.”

Perhaps Walter should check Fox’s schedule for Fringe.  This was the winter finale for Fringe.  The final eight episodes of this season will begin airing on April 1, which puts the season finale on May 20th, 2010.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I smell something big coming for the season finale in May.  (That reminds me: I need to find something else to regularly blog about for a few months)

Building Without People?

That building didn’t look like it had been abandoned for more than one year, let alone 25 years.  I watch Life Without People, and they regularly feature actual buildings that have been abandoned for that long, and they look far worse than the rooms in that building did.  The rooms in the show had a relatively light layer of dust and some cobwebs, and looked no worse than the workroom in my dad’s basement.  Buildings featured in Life Without People that have been abandoned for 20 years have much thicker dust, leaking roofs, faded and pealing paint and wallpaper, broken windows, mold, etc.  You can’t hardly believe how badly a building can decay in only 10, let alone 25 years.

Is That Regular or Diet?

That IV of cortexiphan looked a lot like a bag of Cherry Coke.

Quote Of the Show


“There are times where the only choices you have left are bad ones.”

I Must be Psychic, and So Can You!

Hands up anyone who didn’t predict Olivia would see Peter shimmer as soon as that plot point was mentioned.  No hands?  I didn’t think so.


One Response to “Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 14, Season 2, Jacksonville”

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