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Fringe Renewed for Season 4!

Posted by Karl Withakay on March 25, 2011

Polite Scott sent me a link confirming that Fringe has been renewed for a fourth season!

This means at least one more year of blogging for me, or more properly, at least one more year of blog traffic for me since I do occasionally do non-Fringe posts, but my non-Fringe posts don’t get anywhere near the traffic my Fringe posts do.

I wonder if the show runners/writers will approach it as the last season, trying to bring everything to completion.  as much as I would love to keep Deconstructing Fringe year after year, it feels like the timing is right to start to bring it all home.  I think people will star to get frustrated if they drag the main story on too much longer.

I just hope they can avoid the problem most arc/non-episodic shows have had- the unsatisfying last season &/or conclusion.  (Battlestar, Sopranos, Lost, etc)

The fatalist in me wonders, will they let it run a full season, or will it get canceled mid-season?


3 Responses to “Fringe Renewed for Season 4!”

  1. FC said

    Well I’m actually one of those guys who felt satisfied with the way Battlestar Galactica ended. Not that I intend to start some sort of war, but there ARE people out there who liked the way some of their TV shows finished even if you didn’t like. To each his own.

  2. Karl Withakay said

    Of course, taste is subjective. Some people loved the endings of Lost and The Sopranos. I hear some people even liked the Star Wars prequels. I never implied that anybody who thought otherwise was wrong, although the people who loved the Star Wars prequels ARE wrong. 🙂

    Without getting into a lengthy discussion of the reasons for my dissatisfaction with the final season of BSG, (the ship was fine one day, and all the sudden it’s falling apart and the paint is peeling off the interior walls, etc?), what was your level of satisfaction with the ending and final season of BSG?

    Assuming you thought BSG was a great show, did you think the last season and ending were a great ending to a great show, just a satisfying ending (meaning decent and not bad at all, but not great, impressive, or wowing) or something in between?

    As a side note, I really liked the final season of Lost, up until the revelation that the whole alternate universe was Purgatory, and Tony Soprano is Schrödinger’s Cat until somebody observes his current state and collapses his quantum waveform.

  3. DCC said

    I think the last episode (though the season as a whole is questionable) of BSG was great and I really don’t think they could wrap it up any better. Seriously, how would you end the series?

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