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Observations from our shared single objective reality in a materialistic, naturalistic, & effectively macro-deterministic universe.

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Off to TAM9!

Posted by Karl Withakay on July 13, 2011

I wasn’t able to post last week as I got invited to Cardinals game at the last minute Wednesday, pushing Halo night to Thursday, which is my usual blogging night.

This week, I will be attending The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas (if you don’t already have tickets, too bad- it’s sold out!), and will be unable to post again this week.


4 Responses to “Off to TAM9!”

  1. Chris said

    Send me your email address and I’ll send you the thirteen second Dalek discussion video.

  2. Karl Withakay said

    Emai sent !

  3. Osvaldo Borges said

    hey Karl Withakay i read your post on the Schrondinger’s Cat experiment and I am very interested in Physics and since this is a very big topic i would like for you to let me know of where I could learn more on it and where you learn anything physics related as well i would appreciate it i am planning to become a Physics Major in College and would like to know more and i passed my AP Physics exam which i’m very proud of, well enough about that reply to this post so i know you’ve read this.

  4. Karl Withakay said

    Well, wikipedia isn’t a particularity bad place to start. Google can also provide a lot of useful links on Schrondinger’s Cat and other physics info in general.

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