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Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 9 Season 4, Enemy of My enemy

Posted by Karl Withakay on January 20, 2012

A Gold/Yellow Episode

As always, an episode synopsis will be found over at Scott’s Polite Dissent

Kids in the Hall Tactics

Jones uses a Kids in the Hall tactic to show he’s not one to be trifled with.  (Tactic first used at about 40 sec in the vid.)

But How Many of Them Were Just Facebook Friends?

NerdLee: “I lost a partner”

Peter: “I lost a universe”

Of course, Peter probably didn’t know everyone in his lost universe/timeline personally.

We’ve Got Him Right Where He Wants Us.

In regards to releasing Jones, Walternate says, “Obviously we’ll be keeping him under constant surveillance.”   Did it not occur to anyone that since Jones has been two steps ahead of them the whole way so far, that he might already have a plan to escape that surveillance?

It’s all About the Newts

In case you didn’t catch it, in the Alterverse (in this timeline at least), Newt Gingrich is on the $100 bill.

Does this Timeline Have a Spinal Tap?

Olivia missed an opportunity for a Spinal Tap reference by finishing the line “On a scale from one to ten…” with “a lot.”  instead of “eleven.”

Can I Get One of Those?  Pretty Please?

I know the situation is unusual, but shouldn’t NerdLeed at least asked Peter if he had ever used or even handled a gun before handing him one like it was a party favor?  Frankly, if Peter had told him the truth about some of the previous times he had used a gun on his Fringe team, NerdLee might have been a little more reluctant to arm Peter.

The Only Ship in the Quadrant

I know they didn’t have much time to assemble a team, but I would have expected more Fringe agents on the team that went to the quarry, plus some snipers and a few helicopters maybe.

Minor Observation

Olivia must have stopped her SUV before the portal closed because the remaining half  tire and wheel were oriented with the flat side facing forward, indicating they did not roll at all after being sliced in half.  If the SUV was still in motion at the time the portal closed, I would expect the tire and wheel would have continued to roll until that the flat side was on the ground.

A Refined Observation

Fauxlivia said Jones must have at least 100 pounds of the mineral.  For her to be able to estimate that, she had to know or estimate the following:

1        How much material Jones collected.

2        The average concentration of the mineral in the sample collected.

3        The approximate yield of the process used to refine the raw ore into a usable form.


4 Responses to “Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 9 Season 4, Enemy of My enemy”

  1. […] This week’s Fringe cipher was: DEATH. A list of all previous Fringe reviews is available here. As always, Karl has more to say over at his blog. […]

  2. Neil said

    The last time, when Peter and Lee crossed over to the Altaverse in the theatre, Fringe could detect the anamoly and send a team. This time, they should have been able to detect when David Robert crossed over and stationed a team there, to capture him when he returns? Or even better, inform the other universe of the transfer point…

  3. […] Fillmore is on a fairly high denomination of currency.  Considering that we have already seen that Newt Gingrich is on the hundred, Fillmore seems likely to be on the fifty or perhaps they still issue five hundred dollar bill in […]

  4. […] episode is debunked at Polite Dissent and Cordial Deconstruction, and you can read more about it at Fox, IMDb and the A.V. […]

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