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Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 8 Season 5 The Human Kind

Posted by Karl Withakay on December 7, 2012

A Dreary Blue Episode

It’s looking to be incredibly unlikely that there will be ever an episode synopsis over at Polite Dissent.  I think Scott’s fallen far enough behind now that he won’t bother to catch up and complete this final season of Fringe, much like I may never get around to going back to finish covering the first season. It’s a shame, really.  I don’t have anyone left to have conversations with about Fringe episodes now.  😦

You Say Dat-uh, I Say Day-tuh

It seems to me that the Observers’ & Observer-Peter’s mannerisms & characteristics are modeled after Mr. Data from Star Trek, The Next Generation.

-No contractions

-Quick, abrupt, jerky movements

-A sense of child-like puzzlement about fundamental human behavior, like emotions

-Observers have a pale skin tone that makes them appear not quite human

It’s Almost Like the Writers Have Been Reading My Blog

-The Etta “RESIST” posters are finally being torn down.

-There are now large dynamic billboards with wanted notices for Walter prominently displayed in various places.

-Although we did not see wanted notices for Peter & Olivia on the billboards, perhaps they cycle notices, and we just didn’t see the billboards for long enough, since Olivia does indeed have a wanted notice out for her as well.

Classic ‘70’s Automotive Design?

It seems to me that either there are a lot more cars from the ‘70s in the year 2036 than there are now in 2012, or at some point in the future, Detroit stars making new cars that look like cars from the ‘70s, much like Checker Motors was making cars using 1950’s styling well into the 21st century.  Of course for that to be  the case, somebody would also have to revive the Pontiac name.

Plan Ahead

How did Olivia plan to transport the magnet in that ’76 Grand Prix?  The tape mentioned nothing about getting a free truck to transport the giant electro-magnet with.  It’s a shame she had to leave that sweet ride behind.

Walter’s Plan

Why hide the components of the plan separately?   Why not just assemble them as he gathered them so he had a fully assembled and ready to use weapon hidden in one place?  For that matter, once assembled, there would be no need to hide it away, just use the dang thing and be done with the Observers.  But, as my high school literature teacher used to say, without the complications, we’d have no story.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong…

Given all the things the Fringe team has seen over the years, you’d think at least one of them might have asked if it was such a good idea to insert the Observer tech device in the porcupine man’s brain.

Caterpillars Don’t’ Evolve into Butterflies

I have to disagree with Walter’s use of the term “controlled evolution”.  Evolution is a process that occurs over successive generations.  It is not something that happens to an individual organism.  What Walter was describing was more of a metamorphosis or transmogrification where an individual organism undergoes a major change in form or nature.  “Controlled evolution” would be something more akin to selective breeding or eugenics.

Didn’t See That One Coming, Did Ya?

Why was the psychic/ oracle lady surprised when Olivia panicked and drew her gun?

Quote of the Show/ Olivia the Critical Thinker & Skeptic (James Randi Would Be Proud)


“People make up explanations, assign meaning to things without knowing, because it’s reassuring; it’s comforting, but I can’t do that, because I know too much.  It’s all about numbers.  And the Invaders, as you call them, they’re just better at math than we are.  Thank you for the magnet.”

 Where’s Admiral Akbar when Olivia Needs Him”

Two cars and a pair of bodies conveniently blocking the road with the appearance of an accident, and this is what I was thinking before the trap was even sprung:


Apparently a “Truth Church” is some sort of place where for some reason, Observers either cannot or will not read people.  Was this idea just thrown out for this episode or will it come into play later in the season?

Observers Would Suck At Portal

When the elevator is out, Observers, who can phase walk/ shift from one location to another, take the stairs.

First Time Kidnappers/Bounty Hunters

The genius hijackers only tied Olivia’s hands with rope, but not feet, and left here alone, free to roam around, unwatched, in a MacGyver dreamland.  Brilliant!


3 Responses to “Deconstruction Review of Fringe, Episode 8 Season 5 The Human Kind”

  1. Codisc said

    A Truth Church is a building/zone where people can speak and think freely about the Invaders. If you’ve watched promos for Fringe, earlier in the season (around eps 2-4) they released promos about Windmark explaining the Invaders’ laws.

    One of the video promos had Windmark talking about a “Truth Church” and he explained what it was, meaning that no Invader can Read or Wipe minds in that building.

  2. Karl Withakay said

    Ah, so is it a matter of Invader law rather than an environment where their abilities are suppressed and cannot function?

  3. HomiSite said

    A pity that Polite Dissent probably won’t continue his coverage, but: Do you really want/need to discuss about such episodes? Season 5 is IMO quite weak, even if you accept that much of the happenings in the past was simply discarded (it was almost heartbreaking for me when Olivia told a bit about here experiences in the past [her skills, the paralle worlds]). Olivia’s whole arc was more or less pointless (the women, the bandits). And Peter: Human, observer and back again? Meh…

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