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Stop the Presses: AP Reports the Obvious

Posted by Karl Withakay on June 12, 2009

OK, so it’s not exactly a deconstruction, but with the TV season ended, all the best material to deconstruct is gone, so here’s a modest first deconstruction.

Surfing Yahoo sports for NFL news, as I tend to do once I’ve exhausted my favorite science/critical thinking blogs, I discovered a story with  the following headline:

Raise locked up, McNabb wants to win Super Bowl

Maybe the AP didn’t think a story headline  about Eagle’s QB Donavan McNabb getting a raise without a contract extension was attention grabbing  enough, but adding the bit about wanting the win a Super Bowl seems unnecessary.

It’s a well written story, and gives good explanations for why the Eagles would restructure McNabb’s deal for more money over the next two years without giving him an extension, but come on, what NFL player doesn’t want to win a Super Bowl?

I’ve got two more headlines for the AP:

Scientists Report Water is Wet; Fire is Hot

GM: Not Doing So Well


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