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Minor Comments on Fringe Episode 3, Season 2: “Fracture”

Posted by Karl Withakay on October 2, 2009

I assume by the time anyone reads this, Scott should have his synopsis up over at Polite Dissent. Since I am writing this before Scott posts his review for a change, some of this may already be covered by Scott.

The trans-formative serum sounds like some form or variation of  Ice Nine in its ability to solidify water.

Cyanogen Chloride is a blood agent, not a neurotoxin/ nerve agent.

331.6 Mhz is in the UHF range, not VHF.   (Do the writers not have internet access?)

Apparently, both your arms can almost completely crystallize due to the effects of  the trans-formative serum, but the effect goes away if the frequency is discontinued before the full 30 seconds, leaving no damage or significant after effects.

I am always skeptical of scenes where a person draws a gun on someone they obviously have no intention of possibly shooting for the purpose of compelling them to cooperate.  It’s a gun, not a magic lasso.  (Comic Book reference just for Scott)


The newspaper being read by the police office at the start of the episode contained stories with the following headlines:

High Court Hints at Caution on Sentencing

Death Spurs Debate of Surveillance Cameras


That’s all for now; I may revise this or add more comments after reading Scott’s post.


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