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Minor Comments on Fringe Episode 4, Season 2: Momentum Deferred

Posted by Karl Withakay on October 9, 2009

Check out Scott’s site if you want a synopsis of this weeks episode.

It’s nice to see they did address my question regarding conservation of momentum, sort of.

Walter didn’t say whether the doppelganger’s blood was 47% mercury by mass, volume, or by mole.

Logically, it is likely to be by mass (as in 47% of the doppelganger’s blood weight was mercury), otherwise with the density of mercury being 13.5X that of blood, and blood normally consisting of 7% of human body weight, my math works out that if a doppelganger’s blood were 47% mercury by volume, they would weight about 40% more than the human they are mimicking; that shouldn’t be too hard to detect, even for Olivia.

Has anyone thought to assign Astrid to spend a few days watching all of Walter’s old video tapes and logging a summary of each one rather than waiting for Walter to remember when they seem to be relevant? Oh wait, Olivia’s in field command of the Fringe division- never mind, she probably hasn’t thought of it.

Was that maybe a little too much mercury to be produced form a bunch of health thermometers? (I’m not sure on this one.) Regardless, If I needed a bunch of Hg, I would have gotten a bunch of mercury switches from an electrical/appliance supply store instead.

Theressa Russell has held up pretty well, and is still a very attractive woman.

The writers of Fringe don’t seem to understand the Pauli Exclusion Principle at all. It does not state that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It states that no two identical fermions can occupy the same quantum state at the same time, and does not even apply to all matter/particles, such as bosons.

Olivia Dunham must be the dumbest and most gullible agent in the entire FBI to have at least not been a little suspicious of Charlie’s text message.

You have just found out there is a dangerous doppelganger still alive out there that can look like anyone.  You have a means of determining if someone is a doppelganger with a simple close visual inspection.

Do you:

A.  Recall your entire team to headquarters and immediately perform the inspections and institute daily inspections of the team going forward?

B.  Have the person last known to be in the presence of a doppelganger immediately inspected?

C.  Take the word of the person last in the presence of the doppelganger that the person helping you (that you were told to trust by the only person who has any clue what is going on) is the doppelganger and then eagerly reveal to the person last in the presence of the doppelganger a vital piece of intelligence without hesitation?

Guess which choice Olivia made?

That is all for now.


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