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2009 Junk Mail in Review

Posted by Karl Withakay on January 3, 2010

old fashioned spam

109 business reply envelopes from 2009

Happy New Year.

Before there was spam, there was junk mail.   It seems like every week I get some credit card offer in the mail, and most of them seem to be Capitol One card offers, but I never had any statistics to support that with, until now.   I decided to do an experiment for 2009.  For the entire year, I saved every business reply envelope that came in any mail that arrived in my physical mailbox.

The results are in.

I received 109 mail items containing business reply envelopes in 2009.  Of that 109, all but 19 were credit card offers, which makes 83%  credit card offers.  Twenty six of those credit card offers were from Capitol One, which averages out to 1 every other week (24% of the total).  I received 5 credit card offers from Citi Bank, even though I already have two credit cards from Citi Bank.  Discover sent me two offers, even though I already have a Discover card.  The NRA started sending me renewal notices 1 month after I joined, and sent me a total of 6 renewal notices over the one year I was a member.

I am tempted  to obtain 109 boxes of bricks and tape a business reply envelope to each one and drop them all off at the post office to show the senders just how much I appreciate their junk mail.


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