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Am I Too Cynical About Christmas Cards?

Posted by Karl Withakay on December 25, 2009

I don’t send Christmas cards.  I don’t have anything against Christmas cards.  I actually enjoy receiving them, but I just can’t find the motivation to send them.  (I’ll admit it’s a result of a combination of laziness and selfishness.)

My favorite cards are photo cards from friends showing them and their families.  Those tend to stay on my fridge for a long time.  However, I don’t really care for cards from people who aren’t any kind of friends or family.  You know, the card from my car dealer, my financial guy, my insurance agent, etc.

I got an envelope in the mail the other day and thought to myself,

Oh cool, a card!

I wonder who it’s from.

Cool, it’s a photo card!

Hey, she’s pretty attractive!

Wait a minute, I don’t know her.

Was it delivered to the right address?

Yes, that’s my name and address on the envelope.

What’s on the back of the card?


She’s my Rams ticket agent.

I don’t really care for holiday or birthday cards that are paid for out of someone’s marketing budget.  They just don’t feel sincere.  I did like the holiday card from James Randi this year, perhaps because it was a photo card.  Do you like cards no matter who their from, or could you care less if your hair salon sends you a card for Christmas?


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