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On Vacation

Posted by Karl Withakay on February 9, 2011

2-11-11 Update: The Deconstruction of tonight’s  episode, Immortality, will be posted relatively on time.

I will be out of town on vacation Feb 10-20, and will not be able to post my Fringe Deconstructions for Feb 11 and 18 until Sunday evening, Feb 20th at the earliest.  There is a very slim chance that I might be able to watch the Feb 11 episode and post my Deconstruction from the hotel, but I will be on a boat in the Eastern Caribbean with no access to the Fox network on Feb 18.  I will post Deconstructions for these episodes as soon as I can when I get home.

Not only are my Fringe posts going to be delayed due to my Caribbean vacation, but I will miss out on a chance to hang out and drink with one of my favorite bloggers, P.Z Meyers, who will be in town on Friday.

Before I booked the cruise, I asked my friend Scott of Polite Dissent if he would go on a cruise if it meant being unable to having to wait until he got back to make two House posts.  He said it would suck a little, but it would be a little pathetic to pass up a Caribbean cruise for a TV show and advised me to go, even though nearly all my traffic is generated by my Fringe Deconstructions.  So you can partially blame Scott for not being able to read my Deconstructions right after the next two episodes.

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Am I Too Cynical About Christmas Cards?

Posted by Karl Withakay on December 25, 2009

I don’t send Christmas cards.  I don’t have anything against Christmas cards.  I actually enjoy receiving them, but I just can’t find the motivation to send them.  (I’ll admit it’s a result of a combination of laziness and selfishness.)

My favorite cards are photo cards from friends showing them and their families.  Those tend to stay on my fridge for a long time.  However, I don’t really care for cards from people who aren’t any kind of friends or family.  You know, the card from my car dealer, my financial guy, my insurance agent, etc.

I got an envelope in the mail the other day and thought to myself,

Oh cool, a card!

I wonder who it’s from.

Cool, it’s a photo card!

Hey, she’s pretty attractive!

Wait a minute, I don’t know her.

Was it delivered to the right address?

Yes, that’s my name and address on the envelope.

What’s on the back of the card?


She’s my Rams ticket agent.

I don’t really care for holiday or birthday cards that are paid for out of someone’s marketing budget.  They just don’t feel sincere.  I did like the holiday card from James Randi this year, perhaps because it was a photo card.  Do you like cards no matter who their from, or could you care less if your hair salon sends you a card for Christmas?

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